The critical time that the traders should avoid

Traders need to open the position depending on the situation of the market. Because, if the market is not going with you, you can’t get the success. Moreover, you might face a big loss. However, to take the right steps, you have to analyze the situation of the market. However, pro traders understand the dynamics of the market properly. For this reason, they understand when they need to trade the asset and when not. But, newbies face problems understanding the fact. However, to achieve the goal, it’s important to know, at which time they should not trade.

In this post, we will demonstrate some points so that you can understand the specific time at which you shouldn’t execute the trade. Let’s know about these.

Bad emotional state

If you are not emotionally strong, you shouldn’t open any new position. Sometimes, traders go through a tough time. For this reason, they can’t think properly about the further steps. That’s why during this time, they should avoid trading. However, as rookies can’t deal with their emotions, they take some aggressive steps and thus face big problems. Bear in mind, if your mind is not stable, you can’t take the right steps. And without having the right actions, you will keep on losing money. So, improve your mental stability before you take any trades.


Sometimes, traders become sick because of excessive pressure. However, as they get the physical stress, they become sick. During this condition, it’s tough to take the right steps. Being a retail trader, if you are sick, you shouldn’t trade any asset. Because, in this time, you can’t perform better. Without doing better performance, you might not make decent profits. However, during the time of sickness, you should take a break so that you can take some rest. Traders should always take care of their health to work hard. Browse this site and learn more about stable trading actions so that you can scale your trade properly.

Consider the sideways trend

In the ranging market, the price of the currency pair fluctuated hardly. For this reason, traders can’t get the chance to make the money. So, during this time, if they open any position, they might not make the reason. As a result, they might be depressed which is not good for their trading. So, traders should open their position in the stable market so that they don’t face any big loss. However, it’s true, to make a big sum of money, you should go with the trend but you need to avoid the sideways trend.

Massive breakout

Some traders prefer to trade the massive breakouts but it’s a very challenging task. Most of the time, aggressive traders take these steps. However, experienced traders can trade the breakouts as they have the proper experience in trading. But, newbies should not trade the breakouts because they might not handle the situation because of lack of experience. So, they need to follow the conservative method of trading so that they can get success. Without using retracement, it’s not possible to trade the breakouts. So, being a retail trader, you should trade with managed risk so that you can get success.

Facing several losses  

Many traders face continuous losses. At this time, they should take a break from the trading. Otherwise, they can’t avoid the loss. After facing consecutive losses, traders need to take time to find out the reasons why they are facing loss. Always, remember, after facing the three consecutive losses, traders should avoid trading. Because, if they continue the trading, they might face major problems. But, sometimes, traders try to take immediate actions to recover the losses and thus lose their capital.

So, in these mentioned situations, traders should not execute the trade. However, as a retail trader, you should avoid these situations. And analyze the market properly to know about the appropriate time for trading.

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