Ten Strategies to Create Successful Packaging

Nowadays the awareness of environment protection has increased so much that people choose the products based on their packaging.

No matter how much effort you may be putting in your product improvement, sales and marketing, if your product packaging does not look good then your efforts may go waste.

Therefore, following are few strategies to be followed for the improvement of your custom boxes wholesale.

  • Make sure that your product is unique

You need to ensure that your product must stand out from rest of the products so that when a consumer goes to market his attention immediately is diverted to your product.

  • Break the convention

Avoid getting stereo typed but break certain normal traditions and rules to catch attention of the consumer. Certain unique packaging can be great way to draw people’s attention.

  • Products with purpose

You must have a product which must really serve some useful purpose. For example, what is the need of having bottled water that creates so much environmental issue when tap water already exists?

  • Add personality

You need to create a package which can bring certain personality to your brand. For example, chocolate deserts in chilled condition gives permission to consumer to become little naughty.

  • Feel-good factor

We are living in a world that creates lots of tension and anxiety due to terrorism, global warming, crimes etc. Give some reasons to smile so that people feel amused by looking at your product packaging.

  • Keep it simple

Do not try to give too many messages in your packaging so that people rather get confused. Try to give a simple and straight forward message.

  • Tiered branding

Nowadays a new brand hierarchy has started which involves 3 distinct tiers: cheapest that is on display and next is mid-tier and then finally the premium tier. Consumer can easily choose based on their need.

  • Cost of transport

You must ensure that your packaging will be as minimal possible, as more the products on a pallet, less trucks will be needed on the road and also saving on carbon di oxide emissions, which also will save on cost of transport.

  • Speed to shelf

In case, you are able to save retailer just only 10 seconds for each pack to decant from the warehouse to shelf, then you too will surely gain grace and favor

  • Protect yourself

In case, you have good product at a reasonable price, competition will copy your success, so ensure that you register your patent for everything possible.

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