Save time and money with offshore accommodations

If you were planning to build a house and take care of all the details this implies, it would take you more than you could think of in the first instance. You should call the construction company and take other necessary steps for offshore accommodations (obtain authorizations, hire workers for sanitary, heating and cooling installations, electricity, water and countless other details). However, when you buy turnkey houses, the firm you contract will take care of everything in your place.

Turnkey houses – why does the bank love them?

Experience and trends show that banks are more “friendly” when it comes to lending to a turnkey home. The bank knows already that the home is ready and that the future debtor-owner can move quickly into it. Therefore, the debtor will no longer need other funds for this. The bank sees in a turnkey home a finished product that does not involve any “surprise” that could jeopardize the borrower’s ability to lease.

Turnkey houses – why everyone loves them?

Turnkey houses are ideal for families, but investors also appreciate them. And all for the same primary reason: the owner can immediately move to such a home. Take the key, insert it into the door lock frog and rotate it.

Acquisition of turnkey houses – strong points

Given that very few people allow themselves to spend any time on the new home, it is understandable that there are always compromises people have to do when they plan to buy a home. Nowadays, there are plenty of redeveloped houses on the market, homes that have been inhabited so far. Sure, with a little skill and investment, anyone can turn such a simple house into a dream house. However, refurbishment plans can entail much unplanned spending, not to mention that for some reason renovation works can be postponed, that it takes a long time for completion, stress and many headaches.

Under these circumstances, it is perfectly understandable why most people avoid such situations and prefer to pay a little more to choose at the end with a new home, a turnkey house, entirely made from foundation to roof. When you buy a turnkey house, you get what you want exactly the day you move into it. Before you buy the house, you can choose for certain items, such as floor type, wall color and other details related to the power grid and not only. You already know what the standard package includes in a turnkey house and you can request additional options as needed. You can not be distracted by costs, because you see every time how much each construction section costs.

Quality inside and outside

The specifications that you receive with the purchase of a turnkey house include structural, electrical and sanitary items. You will never have to worry about thermal insulation, how to build the roof and its resistance, the fact that you could merely be invaded by rodents or other unwanted insects. It is enough to look over the list of specifications received from the turnkey supplier and to know exactly what lies beneath that beautiful exterior.

With us, there are no risks when buying a turnkey home. Unlike other turnkey houses, we do not promote incredibly low prices for basic construction to bring you to the front door. Instead, we strive to include in our projects the most useful and exciting features that custom homes can have today. Everything at affordable prices. Read this.

Is it more expensive to buy a turnkey home than build it?

Do the turnkey houses really cost more than if you were to build a house (or renovate an existing home)? This is one of the common questions when it comes to building homes. Everyone assumes that you will come out cheaper if you choose to take care of the construction work yourself.

Is that so?

The quick answer is yes; in most cases and if you have some experience, you can get cheaper if you choose to build safely. However, with what effort? How long? Moreover, at what cost? You can do a better business if you decide to create yourself if you have the necessary experience and if you know how to get maximum efficiency from the elements involved in the process. This is not easy to achieve.

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