Remote Working And The Virtual Office

In these unique and uncertain times, many businesses are looking for new and progressive ways to cut costs and overheads while maximising profit. It is more important than ever for businesses to seek ways to make their money go further. Increasingly, businesses are allowing and even insisting that employees work remotely. The advent of modern technology and video-conferencing has created an explosion of digital nomads. Employees can work from home, or from anywhere with a strong internet connection, and a quiet space to concentrate and be productive. The rise of the virtual office has developed alongside this increase in remote working.

What Is A Virtual Office?

A virtual office is a company that, although still existing as one entity and holding a real business mailing address, doesn’t operate from one location. A virtual office provider usually also offers a range of administrative services to allow employees to work remotely & employee tracking software can help you keep eye on your employees.

The virtual office allows a business a unique opportunity to grow its image. It does this by allowing the business to rent a prestigious, well-respected address in a sought-after area for a fraction of the cost of a traditional office in that area. A virtual office also provides a range of office-related services, to ensure your business is always portraying a professional image.

Advantages Of A Virtual Office

There are many benefits to a virtual office. For many businesses, the following advantages are regularly observed:

  • Zero commute – if staff are able to work remotely, a company no longer has to employ staff who live within a commutable distance of the office. Theoretically, a company could hire employees from anywhere on earth, greatly increasing their chances of finding more desirable, better-qualified staff.
  • Increased flexibility/happier staff – Do you want to take your friend to the airport at 10 am? Do you prefer to take a nap at lunchtime? No problem – with a virtual office, staff can adapt their schedule to suit their lives, ultimately meaning fewer vacation days are taken, saving the business money.

Virtual Office Services

In addition to providing you with that top address in a hip part of town, a virtual office provider can help grow your business image by providing a number of other office-related services:

  • Meeting rooms – save valuable funds by simply renting a meeting room when you need it. Most virtual offices offer a range of meeting rooms to suit your requirements.
  • Receptionist – Pay for someone to take your calls, arrange your meetings, and transfer client calls to you.
  • Scanning/forwarding – if you’re not at the address where your mail is getting sent, you will need someone to scan it and email it to you in real-time.

Be sure to search around to find the most appropriate virtual office provider for your business.

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