Myths about Health Insurance Plans

Even though the health insurance plans are widely available in India nowadays, there still are some very odd myths associated with these plans. As a prospective policyholder, you should be aware of these myths so that you can steer clear of them. Doing so will not only help you to understand the core concepts of health insurance, it will also help you to find and buy the best health insurance plans. Want to know more about this? Just take a look at this article.

Facts about health insurance plans

In order to debunk the myths, you first need to learn the facts about the health insurance plans:

  • The cover you get depends on your premium: The premium is perhaps the most important component of the health insurance cover. You stay covered for as long as you pay the premium. Also, the premium you pay determines the scale and scope of the cover. So treat your health insurance premium with utmost reverence and stay protected at all times.
  • There are different types of covers: All the health insurance plans are not identical. We have individual health covers, family floater plans, critical illness plans, personal accident policies, senior citizen covers, etc. You therefore need to chart out your own requirements and then see which type of health insurance appeals to you. This will help you and having the ideal cover for yourself as well as your family members.
  • Co-payments are mandatory: Co-payment is an ingrained concept in health insurance. You have to pay a part of the bill amount at the time of a claim. This amount is pre-fixed. After you pay the co-pay, the health insurance provider takes care of the remaining amount, which is generally a much higher percentage of the total medical bill.
  • Riders available: Riders, or add-on covers, are available with practically all the health insurance plans. These riders, that are available at added expenses, add a lot of value to your health insurance plan. You can increase the cover in accordance with your requirements and get the maximum value for the money that you pay.
  • Health insurance is for the whole family: Like mentioned above, family floated health insurance plans are available. Under such a plan, you can bring all the members of your family under a single health insurance umbrella. So you pay a common premium and have a common cover. This makes it very easy for you to maintain the health cover in a disciplined manner.

These are some of the most significant facts associated with the health insurance plans. Now that you know more about these, you will be able to stay away from the common health insurance myths.

Questions asked about health insurance plans

It is normal for you to have certain doubts about health insurance. In fact, many people ask the common questions related to the health insurance plans. If you have doubts, you can always ask:

  • An expert: If you know someone who has a very good understanding of insurance in general, ask him or her about the questions you have. You will surely get some very satisfactory answers.
  • Your insurance agent: If you have an insurance agent from whom you bought the health insurance plans, it would be a very good idea to get your doubts cleared by him. Ask him to explain the clauses and terms of the health insurance plan clearly.
  • Your insurance provider: These days, most insurance companies have excellent customer support teams. You can therefore call up your insurance provider at any time and have the questions related to the health insurance plans solved. The customer support executives are efficient, courteous and very knowledgeable. As a result, you are assured of getting the correct answer to all your queries related to medical insurance.

The bottom line

Ignorance isn’t always bliss, and in this case, it definitely is not! So educate yourself about the myths and facts about the various types of health insurance plans. This will help you in many ways – you will get to know all about the health insurance covers and you will also get to have an actual picture of the way in which they plans work. Keep all the points mentioned above in mind and you will find it easier to decode the perfect plan and its features. Explore the web resources and do some research. There is a lot of data available there and you will not return empty handed.

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