Get The Best Deal: How To Compare Bike Insurance Policies & Get Add-On Covers

Add-ons for Two-Wheeler Insurance

It is crucial to have bike insurance to guarantee the critical financial protection required in an emergency. By paying a small additional premium, a policyholder can choose add-on covers to extend the basic two-wheeler insurance plan coverage. These add-on covers can be found on an app for bike insurance.

What are the coverages of a two-wheeler insurance add-on?

Add-on coverages for two-wheeler insurance are extra protections available with comprehensive, standalone, own-damage, two-wheeler insurance plans. Although they come at an additional cost, they are worth it because they significantly increase the coverage of a basic plan. The two-wheeler insurance plans can be combined with several bike add-on covers.

Examples of two-wheeler insurance add-on covers

  1. Cover for zero depreciation

To help you claim a larger sum, a zero depreciation cover helps ease the burden of paying your vehicle’s depreciation expenses. A policyholder is typically only permitted to submit up to two zero depreciation claims with most insurers; however, some insurers permit an unlimited number of zero depreciation claims throughout the policy period. You can find this cover on an online bike insurance app. *

  1. Consumables add-on cover

A motorcycle’s consumable parts, such as grease, lubricant clips, bearings, etc., are typically not covered by a standard own-damage insurance policy but by insurance. *

  1. Cover for roadside assistance

When your two-wheeled vehicle experiences a mechanical failure or other problems, the roadside assistance coverage in your bike insurance assists you when you become stranded in the middle of a road or highway. *

  1. Key replacement for key loss cover

A two-wheeler insurance add-on compensates the policyholder for lost key(s) by replacing them. Additionally, a spare key is made available as quickly as possible. You can get this add-on on an app for bike insurance. *

  1. Passenger assistance cover

Regular bike insurance plans may not always protect the pillion rider, but the passenger cover add-on does. If the pillion rider is injured or passes away in an accident, it compensates the co-passenger. *

  1. Engine safety cover

If the policyholder’s engine or other parts need to be repaired, the Engine protection cover keeps them financially secure. This supplemental coverage is necessary if you’re staying in a flood-prone area. *

  1. Loss of personal belongings

The policyholder can benefit from this add-on if they experience a financial loss. *

  1. Return to invoice

Return to invoice coverage enables the policyholder to receive the full invoice value of your car if it is totalled, declared a Constructive Total Loss (CTL), or stolen. *

  1. Daily compensation

When a policyholder chooses this add-on, the insurance provider will pay them a daily allowance while the two-wheeler is missing or being repaired. *

  1. NCB protection

Even if the policyholder files a claim during the policy year, this add-on enables them to keep their No Claim Bonus.*

  1. Tire damage cover

This add-on covers damages like tyre punctures, bursting, etc. You can find all these by downloading a bike insurance app. *

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* Standard T&C Apply

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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