3 Common SEO Myths That Won’t Go Away

For everyone who has worked in the field of digital marketing, this seems to be a number of myths that have become so prolific that everyone who has worked in the industry will have heard of them at some point in their career. In the field of SEO, they seem to be more in a few myths that have been making their way around the industry for the last few years. despite the fact that many of them have been disproven time and time again by facts and real-life results, they continue to take on a life of their own and spread throughout the SEO community as such professionals continue to draw conclusive results from mere correlations.

We want to look at some of the most popular SEO myths that exist in the industry and continue to circulate around despite the fact that they have been proven to be incorrect time and time again.

Myth 1: Site Speed Does Not Matter

In 2019, site speed has never been more important. Google previously stated that site speed has been used to rank pages since 2016. To be specific, Google measures how long it takes from the first byte as when a page loads. It is no longer possible for a slow and clunky website to rank alongside those that are well optimised for mobile search and for speed.

Not only do slow websites provide a bad experience for the user, but they also limit the rate at which search engine bots can crawl using their allotted search crawl budget which negatively affects the rate at which a website can index new pages.

Myth 2: Content = Traffic

While it is true that content is the backbone of a successful SEO campaign, the fact is that content does not inherently mean more traffic for your website. There are a number of very reputable SEO outlets who swear by the fact that if you create more content then you will undoubtedly receive more traffic. almost all such professionals will argue that content is critical in every SEO campaign, however, it is untrue and misleading to suggest that a search campaign is going to be successful based on having a lot of content.

The fact is, SEO without technical implementation and effective keyword research is not going to yield positive results for your client or for your business. For SEO professionals in 2019, the focus needs to be creating content that is backed by research and effective technical implementation. It does matter how much content you create, if there are technical limitations to the infrastructure on which you are placing it then you are not going to succeed.

Myth 3: Links Aren’t Important

It seems as though every few months there is a new article floating around the SEO community that insinuates the importance of links is on the decline. The truth is, in 2019 link still play a critical role in the way that Google understands and values and website and its content.

It doesn’t matter if your website is producing the best content in your field or industry, if you do not have a backlink profile that can backup the strength and validity of what you are producing, there is no way that Google is going to write you higher than websites that have a strong backlink profile. For those who haven’t done a link building campaign in the past it can be difficult to know where to start. Working with A reputable search engine optimisation company is a great way to get your SEO efforts off on the right track and set you up for success in the future.

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